Marc Buchy

Marc Buchy (1988, Metz, France) currently lives and works in Brussels. He graduated from a Master of Visual Art in 2012 in Sint-Lukas Brussels and studied in the post-graduate program IHEAP in New-York in 2015-16. His last personnal exhibition was a duo show with the japanase Fluxus artist Shuzo Azzuchi Gulliver in April 2018 in Maison Grégoire, curated by Emmanuel Lambion. He also took part in several group shows around Europe, such as Private Choices at the Centrale for Contemporary Arts in Brussels, Into Thin Air at the SC Gallerija in Zagreb or the Triennial of Young Creation in Luxembourg.


I like to see myself as an «active agent» artist, trying to develop a practice out of symbolic representations and existing outside classical exhibition spaces. Generally my works evolve in open contexts, and even if they are considered finished they are never entirely fixed. Their diffusions, utilisations and existences are voluntarely woozy. They implicate themselves in several circulations and infiltrate unexpected elements. Even if I define their starting points I can never predict their ending points. My work is more conveniently communicated through oral or written ways and its material existence can be seen as secondary. Lived situations, experiences, «extra-artistic» contexts are integrated parts of my reflections, always trying to generate unexpected interventions. Seen as mental shapes and potential infinite gestures, I consider process as a valid artistic answer. Based on lasting commitments, my practice can be seen as long time-based, because if I raise questions it is above all to live with them rather than to bring definitive answers.