Lorena van Bunningen

Lorena van Bunningen (Quito,1990) Lives and works in The Hague, NL

In my photographic, video and installation work, I explore the world of objects and materials that surround us everyday, and the way we use them. In our daily lives we have a lot of rituals that we use unconsciously. It tells a lot about us. Within my work I discover patterns, structures and arrangements that are man made. Useful in their purpose and seductive in their form, this is the starting point of my research.

What if we look closer to the things in our direct surrounding?  In my work I am always looking for the moment where everyday phenomenon’s lose their ordinary appearance and become something new, something abstract. For me, it becomes pure presence.

The work is very meditative; the objects ask to be identified. I rarely show humans, but the works all show traces of us, of domesticity as part of our everyday lives.

I am interested in the way things arise and the use of the subconscious in the creative process. I like to use chance as a material.  It is very important to see what the work asks from you, instead of what you ask from the work.
In the final presentation, I try to erase the line in between a sketch and a final image. I not only want to focus on the end result. By presenting various phases in between the making, I try to give meaning to the process.

There is a balance between photography and sculpture in my work and I investigate how these two meet in the exhibition space.

In 2014 I received my BA of photography at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague and was nominated for the department award. In the next two years I continued to develop my art practice and participated in some art fairs like ART The Hague and Rotterdam contemporary.
In 2015, I became member of an art collective in The Hague named Windmakers where we organized lectures and did small exhibitions in our window, next to our studio space. My latest exhibition was at the Salone del Mobile in Milano, where I participated in the exhibition RESET together with artist Majda Vidakovic. We made a performative installation, named A Passing Space. During a period of six days we transformed the apartment by peeling coloured layers of latex from selected parts of the apartment step by step, until the original surface was once again revealed. The process is random; the aim is to eliminate colour and to observe the transformation. Every day, every hour and every minute, viewers are experiencing a different work and the latex enters in a new dialogue with the architecture.

Next year, I will focus on more site-specific work in the public space for a sculptural exhibition for Beelden in Leiden, in Leiden (NL). And I will participate in an exhibition called MTTR MTTR concerning the value of materials in relation to our artist practice, at artist in residence exhibition space Hotel Maria Capel in Hoorn, (NL).