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Kristof Trakal

Barrancabermeja 2032: A Petro-Cosmist Science-Fiction. A tourist excursion takes 4 travelers (a canadian backpacker, a union worker, an anthropologist and a street marketing representative) to the Ecopetrol owned fracking fields along the Magdalena river. After a mysterious underground explosion they encounter a magical well in the forest, the center of oil and the free market. A speculative lecture about the histories and futures of petroleum politics and its interlinkage with conflict and neo-liberal reform by Kristof Trakal. Duration: approximately 45min Language: English

Kristof Trakal is an artist based in Los Angeles / Berlin. Trakal works with tropes of story telling, participation, LARPing (Live Action Role Play) and cinema. His works have been shown among others at the Museum for Photography Berlin, Savvy Contemporary Berlin, Folkwang Museum Essen.