Federica Peyrolo

Federica art universe never forget a particular attachment to her daily universe; this universe is based on a dual voltage which becomes her art: not leave anything of his past, of childhood and affects and at the same time go towards the new adventure that to be completed will eventually tear it from its original space.

There is the Time that runs like a slow and fast game, there is the landscape that changes slowly and in this landscape the human body has a place of object in the objects. The work of Federica it’s like a tableau vivant that has inside the themes of waiting, limit, color and object. Especially in video, photos and installations she has found her forms of expression; through the collective or personal performance she put herself in “the game” and her capacity to interact with others is the way of evolution of her work. All the work reflect how is possible to look to the past to produce new considerations and new developments in the future, time where often the colour and the waiting are a breath.

Born in Susa, TORINO,  in 1989 .She graduated in 2011 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin . Achieved the national diplôme supérieur d’expression plastique ( DNSEP ) at the Ecole Superieure de Beaux Arts in Le Mans (FR). Winner of open call offsite Art in L’Aquila (IT), bronze prize winner of the Internatio-nal Art Festiva Nanjing(China), video awards and projection at the Paris Nuit Blanche 2013 at FRASQ “The Générateur”, screening at The Right to Freedom of Artistic Expression and Creation in the European Parliament in Brussels. She made many different residences and her work is part of numerous exhibitions. From 2013 she works between France and Italy (where it is represented by Moitre Gallery – Torino), she is currently artist at Le Fresnoy_ National Studio of Contemporary Arts in Tourcoing (France).