Catherine Repko

Catherine Repko
Residencia en Colaboración con Gasworks, Londres.

I am a multi-disciplinary artist, working with painting, video, ceramic and textiles. The medium I use is adaptable to a specific project and to what I have access to – environment, materials, equipment, time. My practice stems from a deeply investigative relationship with material and self, an investigation that evolves from time spent in the studio, in which I initially work with painting and writing. 

Certain themes run through my work – a heavy grieving, a death, a sense of displacement, held in a search to find light through sharing, of holding these weights in our work, and of finding a joy. Of sharing together.

More beautiful together.

In art school I made video pieces culminating writings, paintings and performances to tie together a project or concept. However, since leaving university, I’ve realised that it is much more complicated to have an artistic practice in the context of life as it is now – as a graduate, as a regular person working and running out of time in a day, a regular person facing difficulties, roadblocks, financial pressures and emotional depressions. 

This time has also taught me how important art practice is in our lives, and how important it is to continue making, thinking, reflecting and discussing. How important it is to have a place for doubts. How important it is to learn from one another and to teach each other through the work that we make and the questions that we ask.

Lugar a Dudas provides the time, the mental space and energy, for doubts and questions and discussions, the community necessary for making and growing. I believe that being immersed in a community of makers and thinkers is a rare pleasure, and extremely important. The residency provides an opportunity for meeting these people, for evolving in your art work and for evolving in your person. 

The work claims no answers, no great ideas, no beauty; this work is made of questions. Seeking, seeking, seeking.

O, we search.  

I graduated from the University of Brighton and I am currently based in London.